The Black-E The Black-E Launches New Website!
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The Black-E Launches New Website!

The Black-E Arts & Community Centre is proud to launch its brand new website, providing visitors with an updated online presence that is both informative and user-friendly. The new website features an improved layout and design, making it easy for users to navigate and access information about the center’s events, activities, and facilities. Additionally, the website includes details about the center’s rich history, mission, and values, as well as information about how visitors can get involved with the organization.

This new dot-org address is replacing the previous dot-co-dot-uk and you should update any existing bookmarks or links to this new website.

The new website is a significant step forward for the Black-E, helping to increase its visibility and engage with a wider audience.

The Black-E began with the commitment to combine a world-class contemporary arts centre, with a community centre. Having taken over the former Great George Street Congregational Church in October 1967, with the support of the late Sir Peter Moores, the team of artists led by Wendy and Bill Harpe began their cultural adventures with the long-term aim of an ‘open door’ policy.

The team would later be joined by the late Sally Morris. They became the U.K.’s first national participatory community arts centre. Creating a centre where artists (performing and making, experimental and traditional) connected with anyone, from any background, who chose to come through the door.

The proximity of the building within Britain’s oldest established African-Caribbean community – and to Europe’s oldest Chinatown – meant that cultural diversity is celebrated as a natural phenomenon.

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