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Arts Council Surveys

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At the Black-E we are ambitious and committed to a cycle of quality through continuous improvement.


The core characteristics of Ambition & Quality

If you have a concern or complaint – please contact a member of our staff team.

Ambition & Quality

We really need your feedback!

Understanding Perceptions
The Black-E has spent 50 years driving the debate around participation and what is community centred arts practice. Through our cultural programme, archive and collaborative we are delivering high quality work. We have a creative ambition that not only improves the quality of our own work, but enables other cultural producers to listen to the views of artists and people who have been marginalised, historically excluded by virtue of social class, gender, race and disability.

Measuring Performance: Black-E and [e]Quality
The Black-E is using a range of tools, including surveys and a dashboard to help us capture, monitor and evaluate and drive continuous improvement. The Board and Cultural Director use these insights and other evidence to shape our work and future plans.

Can you help us by taking part in our fully  anonymised survey:

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