Bill Harpe

Associate Cultural Director

Bill Harpe, Associate Cultural Director

Bill Harpe is a choreographer, writer on dance, cultural commentator and former dancer. Bill was born in Darlington and comes from a family with roots in the mining communities of County Durham. He won a scholarship in Maths and Physics to Cambridge where he chose to read English Literature and also became involved in the performing arts and dance. After graduation he pursued a dance training in London, and paid for this training by working as a cook. Work followed as a freelance dancer, choreographer and producer and as the director of a Commonwealth Arts Festival.

Position: Associate Cultural Director

Bill, together with Wendy Harpe, became a co-founder of the Blackie (Connecting artists and communities) – established as Britain’s first community arts project – and has continued to work there as both artist and administrator. His work as an artist has focused on the arts and participation, including participatory theatre, participatory exhibitions, and creative and co-operative games which are the subject of Games for The New Years.

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