Welcome to The Black-E Arts & Community Centre

The Black-E is the national participatory arts centre. For over fifty years we have demonstrated a commitment to artistic excellence and social transformation. Through the power of cultural equity, we connect artists to our communities and enable the people of Liverpool to tell their story to the world.

We are:

Harnessing People’s Creative Power.
Ambitious for our community and the artists we work with.
Reaching the young and old and everyone in between.
Promoting cultural diversity and challenging inequality.
Enriching the lives of people who we work with and for.

The Black-E: Connecting artists with our communities…

Photo: Kinetix hiphop event

Our Funders

The Black-E Team

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Photo: Chinese New Year by Robert Ambrose..

image sources

  • black-e-home-page-image-01-tai-chi-workshop: The Black-E Tai-Chi Workshop
  • black-e-home-page-image-02-art-activities: Black-E Summer Scheme Art Activities
  • black-e-home-page-image-03-fallen-angels-perform: The Fallen Angels perform
  • black-e-home-page-image-04-gallery: The Black-E Exhibition Gallery
  • black-e-home-page-image-05-wedding: Main Area Wedding Setup
  • black-e-home-page-image-06-film-shoot-setup: Film Shoot Setup
  • black-e-home-page-image-07-black-dance-forum: The Black-E: Black Dance Forum
  • black-e-home-page-image-08-summer-activities: Summer Kids Activities
  • alexandra-ankrah: Alexandra Ankrah - Chair of Trustees
  • dr-rebecca-amissah-md: Dr Rebecca Amissah, MD, Associate Cultural Director
  • bill-harpe: Bill Harpe, Associate Cultural Director